Departamento de Ayu en Hiroo

Estas son las fotos del departamento que ayu tiene en Hiroo, uno de los tantos, porque tiene bastantes repartidos en japon.

Es enooooorme *.*

* click en la imagen para ver tamaño real

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Article from Yahoo:

Ayumi Hamasaki Magnificent Mansion

LOS ANGELES, California. May 13.

According to the Hong Kong media, J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki has been engaging in profligate spending in her apartment, hidden photograped images have recently leaked out of the high-class apartment in the Hiroo-Shibuya district of Tokyo. Her house only consist of the most luxury gorgeous interior and decorations, from the living room to a also very spacious and stylish bathroom. And the most extravagant, her diamond toilet purchased from a nightclub in Hong Kong, and later moved to Tokyo.

This is the first time images of the home to Ayumi Hamasaki leaks to the public. Many friends and fans will enjoy the great mother and daughters home, even their pets has "a different dog life," with a rich and luxurious life in style with its owner.